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Offers like hiking tours or bike tours can be found under the category Outdoor Summer.

Winter hikes, guided snowshoe tours or ski tours under the category Outdoor Winter.
Due to the low staffing level, our offers are currently only available on request.
Please do not hesitate to ask. We make possible what is possible.


Weekly schedule preview

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
9.00  - 10.15   yoga
7.30 - 8.30 morning bike on re...     morning bike on re...     morning bike on re...
18.30 -18.45 evening mediation
evening mediation
  evening mediation
20.00           campfire with Berghaus stories  



From time to time we enjoy good music or theatre in the Berghaus.
Let us surprise you.






Campfire &. Barbecues

Campfires and barbecues are a tradition with us.

Someone usually brings along the guitar or we all listen to some stories of the Berghaus and the Black Forest.

Sausages, stick bread (german Stockbrot) and other delicacies are there to enjoy – not just for the kids. Vegetarian options are also provided.




Adventure forest huts

In the grove on our premises there are two open huts as well as a closed one.

They are perfect for a night outdoors close to nature and a great adventure to enjoy with your children.

Camping mats are available. Bringing a sleeping bag would be suggested.

Please make your reservation for your night in the hut at the reception.




Yoga + Meditation

Yoga promotes flexibility, centeredness and relaxation. Yoga serves your true self, which should at least when you’re on vacation, but actually always, be at the start. Yoga helps to be present in the here and now, to be you.
Meditation increases the ability to concentrate and creates an inner peace and high mental resilience, which is very important in our fast moving society. To know what is right for you and then to do it requires practice and perseverance.

The result is a positive basic mood that accompanies you throughout the day.

We offer Yoga on three days on request from 7.30 am to 9.00 am. Further yoga classes will be announced in the weekly schedule.

Please register for yoga by e-mail or at the reception.

Every evening at 6.30 pm we invite interested guests and staff to a 15-minute meditation.
Registration is necessary.


Healing Meditation Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan is a treatment technique from yoga through meditation. It has a balancing and harmonizing effect on body and mind. It relaxes in case of physical or mental complaints. It brings blocked energies gently into flow and thus awakens your own healing powers. A session consists of a short preliminary talk, the meditative contemplation/meditation, during which the client lies relaxed, and, if desired, a subsequent exchange about it.

A treatment lasts about one hour.

Please book an appointment, if possible in advance by e-mail or directly at the reception.