Berghaus for Future

Because we love nature and this planet and because we want our children,

grandchildren and great-grandchildren to still be able to have a good livelihood,

we think about the future.

CO² emission

We are a member of the CO² tax association.

A polluter-paid price on CO2 is the motor for innovative, climate-friendly ideas, technologies, products and services, also in the hotel and catering industry.





Little luggage - much pleasure

In order to make it easier for you to travel with small luggage, we provide a long list of things that you can rent on site:

Mountain bikes, e-bikes, walking sticks, hiking backpacks, sledges, snowshoes, books, games, toys, irons... Ski rentals are available nearby. There is a guest washing machine and dryer in the Berghaus for you to use during your stay.


Equipped for everything

Charging stations for 2 electric cars, battery stations for e-mountain bikes, as well as a bike shed with washing area and repair kit are available.




Innovative building services

Heating with renewable raw materials (pellets)-Highly efficient insulation of the house-greywater system-Heat recovery from ventilation and hot water utilization-Photovoltaics.


Martin and Marco from "Solares Bauen" planned our innovative building services. Shafts and an infinite number of pipes and lines were laid. Even the heat of the used shower water is recovered and used for heating. And as if that were not enough, the shower water is then used to flush the toilet. Quite ingenious.

We support public transport

The holiday adventure can begin right behind your front door. Take your time for a journey. You can reach us via public transport. Of course it is not always possible to travel with the public transport system, we know that. However, if you do we would like to pick you and your luggage up at the bus stop/ cable car and reward you for your commitment with a delicious piece of cake / sandwich or a drink.                                





Brigitte from "Knopf & mehr" [Button&More] has refurbished our old furniture. You really don't recognize them. Fabric remnants, upholstery and wood scraps were processed into small colourful stools, for example. Her trademark for upcycling is a button- keep your eyes open for it.


Waste reduction in the gastronomy and housekeeping

To save resources we make the rule the exception and the exception the rule.

We clean the guest rooms every three days or as desired.

We change linens as required and on request.

We do without individual packaging for food such as jam, honey, spreads... and use organic shampoos and soaps from large, hygienic dispensers.