mainly organic and regional cuisine



Currently:    Opening hours        

Thur-Sun 12 pm -  10 pm

last orders for the kitchen 7.30 pm

Mo - Wed We are closed.    
Apartment guests are offered a cooking box.

Please reserve for supper until 12 pm at the reception

With pleasure we also reserve tables for day guests.

phone 0049 7602 920 90 10


What you can expect from us:



Our predominantly organic ingredients come from the region.


veg - non veg - vegan

We like to cook vegetarian/vegan as well as for meat lovers* in a healthy, sustainable way.


relaxed - casual - sociable - attentive

Enjoy in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere and in an appealing ambience. Whether in the guest room, in the Schwarzwaldstube or on the sun terrace: enjoyment, attentive service, conviviality and informal cosiness go hand in hand with us.


sustainable - innovative

We love nature and live sustainability wherever possible, also or especially when it comes to food.


Smart breakfast

House guests have breakfast in our lounge with a sensational view of the Feldberg, the meadows and slopes of the Black Forest. Breakfast buffet with regional baked goods, homemade jams and spreads, regional honey, delicious muesli, finest cheese and sausages, fruit and much more.

Vesper snack time

From midday onwards, a small sporty snack menu is available in the restaurant or on the sun terrace.

Enjoy warm soups, hearty, fresh salads, tarte flambée and of course coffee and tea with the finest cakes.


From 6 pm you can enjoy the evening menu.

Please make your reservation at the reception desk or here by 12 pm.





For your anticipation


we are offering a  menu plus changing daily specials.


                               Summer menu


Soup of the day      8.80


Dish of the day        17.90


                                         Antipasti  Mix   11.50

Feta Plate  4,20              Oliven Bowl   3.80                  Dried Tomato Bowl 3.80



Lettuce | Seeds | Rocket | DriedTomatoes | Quinoa                                         8.90

Leaf Salads | Cherry Pea Balls | Dried Tomatoes | Seeds                            12.40

Leaf Salad | Seeds | Feta | Olives | Rocket                                                        12.90

Small side salad served in a glass                                                                      4.90


Serving of chips | ketchup and/or mayonnaise²                                              6.90

Baked Camembert (2 pcs.) | Cranberries | Lettuce e                                      14.80

Potato Rösti | Apple Sauce                                                                                   13.50

Potato Rösti | Smoked Salmon | Honey Mustard                                              17.50

Assorted König Flammkuchen                                                                    13.80 each

Black Forest Bacon & Onions

Cheese & Leek



Sweet with apple & cinnamon

Marinated Matjesfilets | Fried Potatoes | Sauce Hausmannsart                 16.90

OvenBaked Potato | Sour Cream                                                                          12.80

OvenBaked Potato | Sour Cream | Mushrooms                                                 16.,90

Baked Potato | Sour Cream | Turkey Strips                                                          17.70

Vegetable quiche | Summer salads | Herb dip                                                   15.80

Maultaschen | Onion Melt | Potato Salad³ | Leaf Salad                                     15.80

with meat filling or vegetarian                                                    

Organic Bratwurst with Farmer's Mustard | French Fries or Potato Salad    15.80

Roast beef cold | fried potatoes | salad bouquet | sc. remoulade                    19.50





Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream from Eckhof                                                   8,70

or vanilla sauce organic

Horben farm ice cream                                             2.80/roll        

 Milk ice cream: Pistachio Chocolate Black Forest Vanilla

                              Walnut White Chocolate with Passion Fruit

   Sorbet: Mango Blood Orange Rhubarb                              

 Sorbet Vegan: Strawberry Raspberry Elderflower                                   

Cream topping  



3 course menu with wine accompaniment   32 Euro

Starter:          Soup of the day


Main course:      Dish of the day


Dessert: Apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

alternatively 3 Bolle Horbener farm ice cream

Wine accompaniment glass 0,1l






Thursday to Sunday 12 - 21 h
Warm cuisine until 19.30

Coffee / tea / cake
Hiking menu

  Enjoy your meal